Nr 1 Philately Shop in Polsce!

Philately Shop run by Marek Czelej is a great business case, which shows that it is possible to become a leader on a niche market with small investment.

The industry is on declining market, but we were able to identify and address the issues to change our client situation completely.

Our objective was to make the firm and its product know to a widest possible group of people and make them interested about the firm and its expertise.

We were to transform a traditional expert shop in Mokotow District of Warsaw in a Poland wide or even wider business, practically without spends on promotion. We succeeded. In some dimensions we are even better located than Polish Mail. Check what we did.

Because of limited budget we prepared a simple web page. Simple design because more expensive and sophisticated has not add value in this case.

We have made it user friendly and well indexed by web browsers.

We have built media image of Marek Czelej as an expert in philately. Everybody interested in this hobby knows that he is an expert, but media did not.

Philately Shop Marek Czelej is a leader on the market:

  • number 1 in most searches concerning philately and stamps
  • Marek Czelej is recognized by media as and expert (tv, radio, press) and as an expert gives comments
  • turnover is significantly higher
  • the business opened on multinational market.

Many niche firms can only wish that their web page is visited by up to 350 users per day. Philately Shop Marek Czelej experience it every day. You can see facts in the gallery  on the left.

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Wiele firm niszowych może tylko pomarzyć o tym, aby ich witrynę odwiedzało ponad 300 osób dziennie. Firma Filatelistyczna Marek Czelej doświadcza tego na co dzień. Fakty prezentujemy w galerii obok.

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