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What we do

• Content marketing

• Advise how to build competitive advantage

• Modern and safe SEO

• Increase communication reach

• Build effective communication solutions in internet

• Build effective web sites


AT Connect rapidly increased number of contacts about our product. They not only help to build brand but also awareness of innovative not widely recognized product.

They have professionally and effectively created and executed communication strategy.

I relay on them.

As we all know philately is less and less popular and there is less and less collectioner.

I was considering to close the business but AT Connect offered me their support in communication. I agreed with hesitation.

The effect was storming. I have a few hundreds visits on my web page daily, dozens of calls, contacts from media and the business is blooming.

Goemi is a well established business. We cooperate with a group of interior designers and architects on a niche market.

We decided to extend the business on wider scale. We tried it before but the attempts were not satisfactory and then we met AT Connect.

Now, we have a beautiful web site which started to improve its position in web browsers just after few weeks.

You have a good product but:

– you have a barrier to access new clients

– you faced a barrier to grow

– your communication including web page does not generate sales

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We speak English and French.

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