About us

AT Connect helps small and medium (SME) firms in building their competitive advantage. Our experience enable us to talk about client business as a whole. At the beginning we want to understand and master strategy and then adequately plan and execute actions in a consistent way. We put attention to leveraging synergies.

We have an experience coming from well known leaders on its markets, both multinational and Polish. That is why we are able to leverage  our expertise in the world of communication, production, finance and logistics.

We also know that small and medium enterprises have limited access to such a potential due to a number of reasons. We decided to bear those barriers by non conventional approach.

Internet tends to be a preferred channel of communication and in our approach we put a strong accent on Digital Marketing.

We launched a pilot communication platform  Obrzeżna Online, and as a consequence of our activities  DTP Studio Kropka Kreska.

We are not advertising agency. We are more. We operate in Warsaw, but we also have clients in Lodz.

Meet our team.